2008 Soilmec model SR-30 hydraulic drill rig.  This is a 40 metric ton track mounted machine with a 95K ft. lb. torque rating capable of drilling 18” to 10’ diameter holes up to 130 feet deep.

Taylor Ridge Drilled Foundations, Inc. currently owns and operates the following Equipment:

Our Drilling Equipment

2009 Spiradrill model MHD Series.  This is a 32 ton, truck-mounted machine that has a 46K ft. lb. torque rating.  It is capable of drilling 18” to 8; diameter holes up to 90 feet deep.

2011 LoDrill model DH40 mounted on a 2005 John Deere model 270 C Excavator.  It can operate in low clearance areas.  i.e. under power poles, bridge structures and inside of buildings.

2015 CZM model EK200HP and is mounted on a Caterpillar model 336 Excavator.  It’s capable of pro-ducing 195K ft. lbs. of torque and drill shafts up to 12’ in dia. by 75’ deep.  It’s designed to operate in low clearance areas such as under power lines or bridges.

We also have a rental agreement which allows us to rent or lease drill rigs and other equipment for special drilling applications and/or large projects.

We are equipped with a full line of augers and casings, including rock drilling and coring tools.